GMAT is very learnable.
We can help you master it.

About TGC

The GMAT Co. (TGC) is an outcome of the intentions of two like-minded individuals to add value to the student community on a scale much bigger than they were operating on individually. Both of us:

  1. Feel that learning has an intrinsic value, not just an extrinsic one (GMAT score)
  2. Understand that GMAT is a test of skills, not certain formulae, tricks, or techniques.
  3. Know that the skills tested on the GMAT are pretty useful in MBA and beyond (that’s why they are tested on GMAT! Common sense?)
  4. Have a passion for learning and teaching
  5. Believe that there is a lot of scope to add value in the domain of GMAT prep

GMAT only

We teach, learn, research, sleep and breathe GMAT. We follow exactly what we tell our students: Go deep, and not wide. We have spent many years critiquing and developing GMAT content, writing about GMAT, and, very importantly, working with many GMAT students. We understand this test, and what it takes to succeed on it.


We help you develop the skills that the GMAT truly tests. All our courses and solutions are designed to help GMAT takers develop the core skills. We don't work on hacks, short-cuts, tricks to answer questions. This way they learn, grow and improve as they progress on their GMAT journey.

What we offer

Interactive online classroom courses to help GMAT takers at various stages of their prep. Live classes are accompanied with homework exercises, articles and videos to help you with difficult concepts and prep-related doubts. Details >>

Pin-pointed, laser-focussed efforts to identify your gaps and help you improve. Details >>