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Chiranjeev Singh

  • GMAT 780 (Q51 V47) and GMAT 770 (Q50 V44)
  • Former Director of Curriculum at e-GMAT, a US based GMAT Prep firm
  • Alumnus of IIMA (India’s Top B-School and World’s Top-30)
  • CAT (2007) – 99.98 percentile
  • Passionate about teaching, learning, and growing.
  • Involved in GMAT Prep since 2012
  • One of India’s most qualified and accomplished GMAT coaches

Anish Passi

  • GMAT 760 (Q50 V41)
  • Alumnus of IIMA, McMaster University, Canada (Top 50 worldwide)
  • CAT (2006) – 99.55 percentile
  • Founder TestCafe, Former Director NeoStencil
  • Former Senior Tutor at ExamPAL, an AI-based GMAT prep platform
  • Among Top 2 most viewed GMAT writers on Quora
  • Co-author of 99 Must Know GMAT Questions

About TGC

The GMAT Co. (TGC) is an outcome of the intentions of two like-minded individuals to add value to the student community on a scale much bigger than they were operating on individually. Both of us:

  1. Feel that learning has an intrinsic value, not just an extrinsic one (GMAT score)
  2. Understand that GMAT is a test of skills, not certain formulae, tricks, or techniques.
  3. Know that the skills tested on the GMAT are pretty useful in MBA and beyond (that’s why they are tested on GMAT! Common sense?)
  4. Have a passion for learning and teaching
  5. Believe that there is a lot of scope to add value in the domain of GMAT prep

To begin with, we plan to offer intensive workshops for GMAT preparation across different cities in India.


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Amit Kumar

“This course will bring a fundamental shift in the way you understand and solve things. Whatever money you will spend, you will realize it’s one of the best investments you would have made.”
Vikramjeet Sharma

“I highly recommend this course for those who are looking for a GMAT review. You’ll come out with flying colors”