About Anish and The GMAT Co.

Hi, again! It's a pleasure to meet you.

Hi, I'm Anish

I’m a GMAT private coach based in Delhi, India although my students are international.

Teaching has been a big part of my life. From teaching programming and Math courses as a Teaching Assistant during my undergrad years at McMaster University, Canada, to taking CAT classes, part-time, while pursuing my MBA at IIM Ahemdabad, teaching has always been a passion.

I became fascinated by the GMAT after I tried to go deep into why answers to many GMAT questions came “naturally” to me, while a few others struggled. I understood that my education, upbringing and specific way of learning had somehow prepared me for many nuances tested on the GMAT. As I dove deeper, I understood more clearly that the GMAT is not an evaluation of innate qualities that remain the same, rather, it is an evaluation of abilities that can be developed and honed.

I have spent many years interacting with other GMAT instructors, critiquing and developing GMAT content, and, most importantly, working with many GMAT students. I believe I understand this test, and what it takes to succeed in it.

My intention with this site is to add value to the GMAT student community wherever I feel I can. Currently, these aspects include:

  1. Helping students prepare the right way – through 1-on-1 coaching
  2. Conduct online GMAT workshops to be able to connect with a wider student base in one go.  
  3. A complete DIY guide to GMAT prep – a one-stop-site with answers to all your GMAT questions (WIP)
    I do not intend to “reinvent the wheel”. In case I feel some site, post or individual already does a great job of explaining a certain aspect, I’ll simply share that link with you.

How can I help?

Direct links:
  1. Private tutoring details
  2. Upcoming workshops
  3. List of all unique official questions
  4. Solutions to some of the hardest official questions

For anything else, my email is: a@thegmatco.com.

Hope to have a positive impact in your GMAT journey.