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In this course, Anish and CJ will take you through various aspects of GMAT preparation, and will help you understand how to prepare for the GMAT and how to handle each question type on the GMAT.

There will be pre-session and post-session homework assignments for every session. To get the most out of this course, do the course material in the order in which it is presented.

To resolve your doubts, you’ll be given access to 2 ‘office-hours’. You could use those office hours to discuss any questions related to our sessions, your practice, or anything related to your GMAT prep. The office hours are group sessions, and not 1-on-1 with the instructors. Please note that office hours are the only way to get your doubts resolved. Only technical and course-access related support is provided over email.

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Refund policy: You may ask for a refund within 48 hours of enrolling in the course.

Office Hours

  1. You’ll find the list of office hours at the bottom of the page
  2. You may attend Office hours within your course access of 180 days
  3. You will need to carefully follow the instructions mentioned in the Office Hours topics

Here is the schedule of the classroom course. The sessions are generally of length 2 hrs 15 min to 2 hrs 30 min.

Session #TopicSession DetailsLead
Day 1Reading SkillsSentence LevelAnish
Day 2Reading SkillsHow to read complex sentencesAnish
Day 3Reading SkillsMaking ConnectionsCJ
Day 4Critical ReasoningInferenceCJ
Day 5Critical ReasoningGap AnalysisAnish
Day 6Critical ReasoningStrengthen Weaken Evaluate – 1Anish
Day 7Critical ReasoningStrengthen Weaken Evaluate – 2Anish
Day 8Critical ReasoningAssumptionsCJ
Day 9Critical ReasoningParadox & Bold FaceAnish
Day 10Reading ComprehensionHow to read an RC passageCJ
Day 11Reading ComprehensionHow to answer RC questionsAnish
Day 12Sentence CorrectionStructuring & MeaningCJ
Day 13Sentence CorrectionStructuring & MeaningCJ
Day 14Sentence CorrectionMisconceptions – SV, Pronouns and Verb TensesCJ
Day 15Sentence CorrectionModifiersCJ
Day 16Sentence CorrectionParallelismCJ
Day 17Sentence CorrectionComparisonCJ
Day 18QuantProcess/Quality of SolutionAnish
Day 19QuantRatios and PercentsAnish
Day 20QuantData SufficiencyAnish
Day 21QuantData SufficiencyAnish
Day 22QuantNumber PropertiesAnish
Day 23QuantNumber PropertiesAnish
Day 24QuantInequalitiesCJ
Day 25QuantInequalitiesCJ
Day 26QuantWord ProblemsAnish
Day 27QuantWord ProblemsCJ
Day 28QuantGeometryAnish
Day 29QuantGeometryCJ
Day 30QuantCountingAnish
Day 31QuantProbabilityCJ

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