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VII. Solutions to GMAT Official CR Questions

S No.Ref#QuestionQuestion TypeDifficulty
1 In the past the country of Malvernia has relied heavily on imported oilEvaluateMedium
2 The town council of North Tarrytown favored changing the name of the town to Sleepy HollowAssumptionsMedium
3 If there is an oil-supply disruption resulting in higher international oil pricesMedium
4 Generally scientists enter their field with the goal of doing important new researchAssumptionsMedium
5 Economist: The price of tap water in our region should be raised drasticallyBoldfaceMedium
6 Defense Department analysts worry that the ability of the United StatesParadoxMedium
7 A study followed a group of teenagers who had never smokedStrengthenMedium
8 In setting environmental standards for industry and others to meetAssumptionMedium
9 Yeasts capable of leavening bread are widespread, and in the many centuriesStrengthenMedium
10 A major impediment to wide acceptance of electric vehicles even on the part of peopleWeakenMedium
11 Art restorers who have been studying the factors that cause Renaissance oil paintingsStrengthenMedium
12 Public health expert: Increasing the urgency of a public health message may be counterproductive.BoldfaceMedium
13 Corporate officers and directors commonly buy and sellInferenceMedium
14 The difference in average annual income in favor of employees who have college degreesWeakenMedium
15 In an experiment, volunteers walked individually through a darkWeakenMedium
16 A study of ticket sales at a summer theater festivalMedium
17 Commentator: The theory of trade retaliation states that countriesAssumptionsMedium
18Although parapsychology is often considered a pseudoscience Medium
19The violent crime rate (number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents) in Meadowbrook FlawMedium
20 In Stenland, many workers have been complaining that they cannot survive on minimumMedium
21Walter: A copy of an artwork should be worth exactly Medium
22 Pecan growers get a high price for their crop when pecans are comparatively scarceMedium
From 1980 to 1989, total consumption of fish in the country of Jurania
24 Fast-food restaurants make up 45 percent of all restaurants in CantariaMedium
25 Although there is no record of poet Edmund Spenser’s parentageMedium
26CR53870.01Banker: My country’s laws require every bank to invest in its local community WeakenHard
27CR03161.01Mansour: We should both plan to change some of our investmentsMethod of ReasoningHard
28CR36601.01Ozone in the stratosphere blocks deadly ultraviolet rays from the sunStrengthenHard
29CR04161.01Scientist: In an experiment, dogs had access to a handleStrengthenHard
30CR60561.01Although elementary school children have traditionally received considerable instruction in creating visualWeaken Hard
31CR49770.01First discovered several years ago in North American lakes and riversEvaluate ArgumentHard
32CR33661.01Advertisement: Today’s customers expect high quality. Every advanceInferenceMedium
33CR53140.01In a certain rural area, people normally dispose of household garbage by burning itWeakenHard
34CR21041.01Advertisement: Our competitors’ computer salespeople are paid according to the valueWeakenHard
35CR30461.01Mashika: We already know from polling data that some segments Inference Hard
36CR69561.01Exports of United States wood pulp will rise considerably during this yearAssumptionHard
37CR02531.01A fossil recently discovered in Marlandia, a chain of islands, provesStrengthenHard
38CR10661.01In the United States, injuries to passengers involved in automobile accidents are typically more severeWeakenHard
39CR36441.01Consumer advocate: In our nation, food packages must list the numberConclusionHard
40CR30370.01Sasha: It must be healthy to follow a diet high in animalMethod of ReasoningMedium
41CR46521.01City resident: These new digital electronic billboards should be banned for light pollutionParallel ReasoningHard
42CR47561.01Pharmaceutical companies spend more than ever on research and developmentParadoxMedium
43CR09461.01Most geologists believe oil results from chemical transformations of hydrocarbons derivedStrengthenHard
44CR70870.01Some theorists and critics insist that no aesthetic evaluation of a workWeakenHard
45CR20521.01Errors in the performance of repetitive or “boring” tasks—often attributedStrengthenHard
46CR66590.01Shirla: In figure skating competitions that allow amateur and professional skatersParadoxMedium
47CR09090.01Beets and carrots are higher in sugar than many other vegetables.Resolve ParadoxMedium
48CR45650.01Suriland cannot both export wheat and keep bread plentiful and affordable in Suriland.WeakenHard
49CR78561.01Since 1978 when the copyright law was changed, books that are less than fifty years oldParallel ReasoningHard
50CR51080.01Scientist: A greenhouse gas, for example, carbon dioxide, forms a transparent layerInferenceHard
51CR00661.01There are fundamentally two possible changes in an economyMust be TrueHard
52CR15380.01The contingency-fee system, which allows lawyers and their clients to agreeWeakenHard
53CR61021.01Researchers in City X recently discovered low levels of several pharmaceutical drugsStrengthenHard
54CR67370.01 Distressed by his own personal tragedies, the Roman philosopher CiceroAssumptionHard
55CR29111.01The recycling of municipal solid waste is widely seen as an environmentally preferable alternativeWeakenHard
56CR79731.01Letter to the editor: If the water level in the Searle River Delta continues to drop, the rising sea level will make the water saltier and less suitable for drinking.WeakenHard
57CR07660 A major network news organization experienced a drop in viewership StrengthenMedium

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