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Reading Comprehension is often an overlooked question type. Many students believe that RC is a section in which you cannot improve. You are either already good, or you are not. There is not much that can done about it. That’s not true. RC, just like everything else in the GMAT can be learned and mastered. Here is some free content that can help you get started:

Introduction to GMAT Reading Comprehension

Question Types I

Summarizing Paragraphs

Identifying the Correct Answer

Question Types II

Miscellaneous Tips

Diving Deeper đŸ¤¿

All Official Reading Comprehension Questions​

Easy | Medium | Hard
Easy | Medium | Hard
Easy | Medium | Hard
Social Science
Easy | Medium | Hard
Long Passage
Easy | Medium | Hard
Short Passage
Easy | Medium | Hard
Easy | Medium | Hard

Practice Videos

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