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The Intensive GMAT Workshop is free. However, do not mistake ‘free’ for ‘low value’. The workshop will be power-packed with things that will help you with your GMAT preparation. I’m not going to hold anything back.

Day 1: The GMAT Mindset + CR Basics

Statement: In Lalaland every man above the age of 18 can vote.

Which ALL of the following can you infer about people from Lalaland?

  1. Mac is 34. Therefore Mac can vote.
  2. No one below the age of 18 can vote.
  3. No man below the age of 18 can vote.
  4. There are possibly some men older than 18 who cannot vote.
  5. If someone can vote, that person must be a man above the age of 18.
  6. If someone cannot vote, that person must be a woman.
  7. If someone cannot vote, that person must be a woman, or a man who’s 18 or younger.
  8. Some people cannot vote.
  9. Most people can vote.
  10. Many people can vote.
  11. Either a person can vote, or the person is a man 18 or younger.

Answer: 7.

Statement: If it rains, I carry an umbrella.

Which ALL of the following can be inferred?

  1. It it doesn’t rain, I do not carry an umbrella.
  2. If I am carrying an umbrella, it must be raining.
  3. If I am not carrying an umbrella, it must not be raining.

Answer: 3

For all drills, please answer in the comments section in this format: <Name of Drill>: <Your answer> 

e.g. Inference Drill 1: 1, 5, 8.

Day 2: Anatomy of an argument + Understanding the GAP

Day 3: How to approach CR+ Deeper look at arguments

Day 4: Non argument based CR

Day 5: Introduction to RC + how to read through RC

Day 6: How to answer RC questions I

Day 7: How to answer RC questions II + 700 level questions

RC Strategy: How to take notes while reading the passage

Day 8: Getting Started with Sentence Correction

Day 9: Decoding the meaning of SC sentences + process

Day 10: SC 700 Level Question + Way forward with SC

Day 11: Word Problems + layer of logic behind them

Day 12: Word Problems contd. + Layer of logic in action

Day 13: Data sufficiency Process + 700 level problems

Day 14: Data Sufficiency- Deeper look and the way ahead

Day 15: Counting and Probability + The Way Ahead

  • Anish Passi says:

    Good points, guys. Let’s take them up today start of our session.

  • shashwat jha says:

    Hi Guys! 🙂
    ID 1: I don’t get why 3 is incorrect and 7 is correct! i mean correctly or incorrectly inferred.
    Can someone throw please some light?

  • Rishabh Kakkar says:

    Could you please explain how 10 can be inferred? It’s possible that Lalaland has only 1 man above the age of 18 years old.
    Also, isn’t 7th a bit ambiguous? It does not clarify if we’re talking about (men + women) =<18 or women + men =<18

  • Chhavi Keswani says:

    I had a doubt in the inference drill 1.
    The answers given on the page are 7 and 10.

    The statement given is: In Lalaland every man above the age of 18 can vote.

    Option 7 says that if someone cannot vote, they must be either a woman or a man who’s 18 or younger.
    I don’t understand how we can infer this from the given statement. The statement merely says that all men above 18 can vote. It doesn’t provide any information about who cannot vote. Also, it says ‘every man’, it doesn’t say that ‘only’ men above 18 can vote.

    According to me the answer should be 10 only.
    Could you please clarify this doubt?

  • Rakib says:

    Inference drill 1: 1, 3, 8,
    Inference drill 2: 1

  • Kushal says:

    DRILL – 1. NONE
    DRILL – 2. 3

  • Rishabh Kakkar says:

    Inference 1 – None
    Inference 2 – 3

    • Rishabh Kakkar says:

      In my opinion,
      1 could have been inferred if we were informed that Mac is a man.
      7 could have been inferred if we had a comma after ‘woman’.

  • Anirbaan Das says:

    Inference drill 1: 4 and 10
    Inference drill 2: None

  • Shubham says:

    Inference 1 – 3,8
    Inference 2 – 2

  • Anmol Sarah Mathew says:

    Inference Drill 1: 1,3,4
    Inference Drill 2: none

  • Roshan Dhormale says:

    Inference 1 – 3,8
    Inference 2 – 2


    Inference drill 1 : 1
    Inference drill 2: 3

  • Vandana Aggarwal says:

    Drill 1-3
    Drill 2-2,3

  • Raghav says:

    Inference Drill 1: 3

    Inference Drill 2: 3

  • >