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Learning Sentence Correction for the GMAT can be a mammoth task for many. It is easy to feel overwhelmed given the wide range of grammar knowledge that many SC questions expect.

One thing to understand is that ‘GMAT English’ is no different from Standard English. So, whatever issues you face/ confusion you have may be resolved through any high-quality English content – even if it is not GMAT-specific.

On this page I have created a repository of high-quality English grammar content that was already available online. We have sifted through a lot of content to find good quality material. We have collated it all in one place so it becomes easy for the students to consume the content. As far as basic grammar is concerned, you need not spend time on figuring out what you need to learn, and then figuring out from where you need to learn.

Introduction to Sentence Correction

I- Structure and parts of speech

In this video, you will learn the basics of a sentence, and understand how these combine together to give meaning to a sentence.

Having understood the basic structure of a sentence let’s take a look at individual parts of speech.
Here is an introduction to nouns and adjectives with classification.

This video covers the topics ‘verbs’ and ‘adverbs’ and their different kinds.

Learn what prepositions, pronouns, and conjunctions as parts of sentences do and how they interact with each other.

This video talks about dependant clauses and their conjunctions, It helps you gain knowledge for times when you are not able to find the ‘subject’ or ‘object’

II- Subject – Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement is one of the most common topics assessed on the GMAT. Let’s start with the basics.

Note that in the first 3 examples if the two clauses are joined by ‘and’ the verb would change. For example:
Her intelligence and (her) personality make her a great

Caution: In case of neither-nor, either-or the verb agrees with the second subject and can be singular or plural,
although in the video because of the examples chosen one may be tempted to make a false conclusion.

An exhaustive list of indefinite pronouns and the verb they

Ram and Shyam ‘are’ going to the market.
This sentence uses the verb ‘are’ because the subject is ‘Ram and Shyam’ – A compound subject.

III – Modifiers

Modifiers are used to modify noun or verbs. Noun-modifiers are frequently adjectives, adjective phrases or adjective clauses.

Sometimes even clauses can act as modifiers

A verb modifier can be a simple adverb, an adverb phrase or an adverb clause.

Essential and Non-essential Modifiers

Misplaced (or dangling) modifiers are quite commonly seen in sentence correction questions.

Participles are either present(-ing) or past(-ed). They can be either condensed adjective clauses, which modifies a noun, or an adverb clause, which modifies a verb.

Countable and Non- Countable Modifiers

IV – Tenses

A quick walk-through of the various tenses in the English language with examples.

Perfect tenses are important to understand for GMAT sentence correction. These videos explain ‘how’ and ‘when’ past and present tenses are used.

V – Pronouns

In this video, the topic ‘pronoun-antecedent agreement’ will be discussed. In a sentence, a pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun, while the antecedent is the noun that the pronoun refers to.

Discover simple techniques to effectively grasp the usage of countable and uncountable nouns in conversations.

VI – Parallelism

This video covers the power of parallelism and how it gives perfect balance to any sentence

Let’s find out what gerund and infinitives are, and how they are different from one other

VII – Comparisons

Learn some keywords and tips to use while comparing two things that are similar or the same.

VIII – Idiomatic Expressions

An idiom is a group of words used in common language whose meaning cannot be derived by adding the meaning of individual words. This video gives a general idea of what idioms mean.
Next we will take a look at some specific examples.

In SC, we don’t have questions – sentences ending in ‘?’,
but the explanations in this video are still relevant for the GMAT.

‘To’ and ‘for’ are very easily confused and interchangeably used prepositions.
Understand the subtle difference in meaning they can create.

Understanding of Noun and adverb clause necessary for understanding the subtle difference between the usage of ‘whether’ and ‘if’- very frequent on GMAT?

Here are some common mistakes that people generally make while using idioms.

In this video we take a look at the correct usage of so and “so…that”, with
some examples.

Some commonly used idioms that are
categorised as ‘inversions’ in grammar. Focus on the “Not only…but also” formation, very common on GMAT.

IX – Miscellaneous

Subjunctive Mood situations

Note the difference in usage of verb.

The passive voice is used more frequently in situations where the subject of the verb is not important or not known. Understanding the difference can also be helpful in Parallel construction questions.

In this video we take a look at some of the commonly used prepositions and the correct situation to use them.

X – GMAT level content

XI – All Official Sentence Correction Questions

Adjectives and Adverbs
Grammatical Construction
Subject Verb Agreement
Use of Being
Verb Tense/Form
Whole Sentence Underline

XII – Detailed Solutions to Official GMAT Questions

S No.Ref#QuestionQuestion Type Difficulty
The effect of the earthquake that caused most of Port Royal to sink into the Caribbean was
3SC61561.01 Many of them chiseled from solid rock centuries ago, the mountainousModifiersHard
Since the 1930’s aircraft manufacturers have tried to build airplanes with frictionless wings, shaped so smoothly and perfectly
7SC95561.01 Much of the hope for continued improvement of the economy lies in theGrammatical ConstructionHard
Added to the increase in hourly wages requested last July,
10SC52561.01 Financial uncertainties from the accident at Three Mile Island may proGrammatical ConstructionHard
Television programs developed in conjunction with the marketing of toys
The Rorschach test is gaining new respect as a diagnostic tool because it takes
14SC72561.01 Remembered almost as an epic among America’s 12,000 Bosnian MuslimsGrammatical ConstructionHard
A star will compress itself into a white dwarf, a neutron star
An archaeological excavation at what might have been a workshop where statues were reproduced yielded 1
17SC30561.01 During an ice age, the buildup of ice at the poles and the drop in watComparisonsHard
19SC14561.01 The newspaper story accurately recounted the history of the colonial Grammatical ConstructionHard
Statisticians studying the health
22SC13561.01 It may someday be worthwhile to try to recover uranium from seawaterSubject Verb Agreement Hard
23SC93561.01 The cathedrals of the Middle Ages were community centers just as muchDictionMedium
When adjusted for body weightMedium
26SC21011.01 The prime lending rate is a key rate in the economy: not only are theParallel StructureHard
27SC77561.01Because 70 percent of the people of India use wood as their sole fuel ComparisonsHard
Chinese public buildings erected under a construction code of the Sung dynasty
31SC29561.01A study of children of divorced parents found that ten years DictionMedium
32SC75561.01 Many states, in search of industries that are clean, fast-growing, andAdjectives and AdverbsHard
33SC28561.01 Some historians of science have argued that science moves forward notIdiomsHard
34SC49561.01When Medicare was enacted in 1965, it was aimed at the prevention of a DictionHard
When bitter managerial conflicts plagueHard
One analyst of the liquor industry estimated that this year a few liquor stores
The spraying of pesticides can be carefully planned, but accidents, weather
40 A site once used as an observatory by the Anasazi, ancient puebloHard

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