Detailed Solutions to Official GMAT Questions

Ref#Question TypeQuestion
CR02741.01WeakenKayla: Many people are reluctant to shop in our neighborhood
CR03161.01Method of ReasoningMansour: We should both plan to change some of our investments
CR04161.01StrengthenScientist: In an experiment, dogs had access to a handle
CR33661.01InferenceAdvertisement: Today’s customers expect high quality. Every advance
CR53140.01WeakenIn a certain rural area, people normally dispose of household garbage by burning it
CR69561.01AssumptionExports of United States wood pulp will rise considerably during this year
CR10661.01WeakenIn the United States, injuries to passengers involved in automobile accidents are typically more severe
CR30370.01Method of ReasoningSasha: It must be healthy to follow a diet high in animal
CR46521.01Parallel ReasoningCity resident: These new digital electronic billboards should be banned for light pollution
CR47561.01ParadoxPharmaceutical companies spend more than ever on research and development
CR20521.01StrengthenErrors in the performance of repetitive or “boring” tasks—often attributed
CR66590.01ParadoxShirla: In figure skating competitions that allow amateur and professional skaters
CR78561.01Parallel ReasoningSince 1978 when the copyright law was changed, books that are less than fifty years old
CR51080.01InferenceScientist: A greenhouse gas, for example, carbon dioxide, forms a transparent layer
CR05941.01StrengthenColumnist: Metro City has a lower percentage of residents with humanities degrees – solution not created yet
CR78551.01EvaluateA new handheld device purports to determine the severity – solution not created yet
CR15380.01WeakenThe contingency-fee system, which allows lawyers and their clients to agree – solution not created yet
CR61021.01StrengthenResearchers in City X recently discovered low levels of several pharmaceutical drugs
CR67370.01Assumption Distressed by his own personal tragedies, the Roman philosopher Cicero
CR29111.01WeakenThe recycling of municipal solid waste is widely seen as an environmentally preferable alternative
CR79731.01WeakenLetter to the editor: If the water level in the Searle River Delta continues to drop, the rising sea level will make the water saltier and less suitable for drinking.