Detailed Solutions to Official GMAT Questions

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CR02741.01WeakenKayla: Many people are reluctant to shop in our neighborhood
CR53870.01WeakenBanker: My country’s laws require every bank to invest in its local community
CR03161.01Method of ReasoningMansour: We should both plan to change some of our investments
CR36601.01StrengthenOzone in the stratosphere blocks deadly ultraviolet rays from the sun
CR04161.01StrengthenScientist: In an experiment, dogs had access to a handle
CR60561.01Weaken Although elementary school children have traditionally received considerable instruction in creating visual
CR49770.01Evaluate ArgumentFirst discovered several years ago in North American lakes and rivers
CR33661.01InferenceAdvertisement: Today’s customers expect high quality. Every advance
CR53140.01WeakenIn a certain rural area, people normally dispose of household garbage by burning it
CR21041.01WeakenAdvertisement: Our competitors’ computer salespeople are paid according to the value
CR30461.01Inference Mashika: We already know from polling data that some segments
CR69561.01AssumptionExports of United States wood pulp will rise considerably during this year
CR02531.01StrengthenA fossil recently discovered in Marlandia, a chain of islands, proves
CR10661.01WeakenIn the United States, injuries to passengers involved in automobile accidents are typically more severe
CR36441.01ConclusionConsumer advocate: In our nation, food packages must list the number
CR30370.01Method of ReasoningSasha: It must be healthy to follow a diet high in animal
CR46521.01Parallel ReasoningCity resident: These new digital electronic billboards should be banned for light pollution
CR47561.01ParadoxPharmaceutical companies spend more than ever on research and development
CR09461.01StrengthenMost geologists believe oil results from chemical transformations of hydrocarbons derived
CR70870.01WeakenSome theorists and critics insist that no aesthetic evaluation of a work
CR20521.01StrengthenErrors in the performance of repetitive or “boring” tasks—often attributed
CR66590.01ParadoxShirla: In figure skating competitions that allow amateur and professional skaters
CR09090.01Resolve ParadoxBeets and carrots are higher in sugar than many other vegetables.
CR45650.01WeakenSuriland cannot both export wheat and keep bread plentiful and affordable in Suriland.
CR78561.01Parallel ReasoningSince 1978 when the copyright law was changed, books that are less than fifty years old
CR51080.01InferenceScientist: A greenhouse gas, for example, carbon dioxide, forms a transparent layer
CR00661.01Must be TrueThere are fundamentally two possible changes in an economy
CR05941.01StrengthenColumnist: Metro City has a lower percentage of residents with humanities degrees – solution not created yet
CR78551.01EvaluateA new handheld device purports to determine the severity – solution not created yet
CR15380.01WeakenThe contingency-fee system, which allows lawyers and their clients to agree
CR61021.01StrengthenResearchers in City X recently discovered low levels of several pharmaceutical drugs
CR67370.01Assumption Distressed by his own personal tragedies, the Roman philosopher Cicero
CR29111.01WeakenThe recycling of municipal solid waste is widely seen as an environmentally preferable alternative
CR79731.01WeakenLetter to the editor: If the water level in the Searle River Delta continues to drop, the rising sea level will make the water saltier and less suitable for drinking.
CR07660Strengthen A major network news organization experienced a drop in viewership
Flaw in Logic Debater: The average amount of overtime per month worked by an employee in the manufacturing division

Ref#Question Type Question
The effect of the earthquake that caused most of Port Royal to sink into the Caribbean was
SC33561.01ConstructionTo read of Abigail Adams’ lengthy separation from her family, her difficult travel
SC61561.01ModifiersMany of them chiseled from solid rock centuries ago, the mountainous regions
SC74561.01ModifiersIn the traditional Japanese household, most clothing could be packed
SC37561.01Absolute PhraseEvidence of some shifts in the character of violence on television is emerging
Since the 1930’s aircraft manufacturers have tried to build airplanes with frictionless wings, shaped so smoothly and perfectly
SC95561.01Grammatical ConstructionMuch of the hope for continued improvement of the economy lies in the projection
SC90561.01Grammatical ConstructionThe large populations and impressive cultural achievements of the Aztecs
Added to the increase in hourly wages requested last July,
SC52561.01Grammatical ConstructionFinancial uncertainties from the accident at Three Mile Island may prove even more
Television programs developed in conjunction with the marketing of toys
The Rorschach test is gaining new respect as a diagnostic tool because it takes
In despite of the steady population
SC72561.01Grammatical ConstructionRemembered almost as an epic among America’s 12,000 Bosnian Muslims
A star will compress itself into a white dwarf, a neutron star
An archaeological excavation at what might have been a workshop where statues were reproduced yielded 1
SC30561.01ComparisonsDuring an ice age, the buildup of ice at the poles and the drop in water levels
A natural response of communities
SC14561.01Grammatical ConstructionThe newspaper story accurately recounted the history of the colonial mansion
Sartre, an inadvertent guru
Statisticians studying the health
SC13561.01Subject Verb Agreement It may someday be worthwhile to try to recover uranium from seawater
SC93561.01DictionThe cathedrals of the Middle Ages were community centers just as much as they were purely religious edifices
SC68461.01ModifiersSome biographers have not only disputed the common notion that Edgar Allan Poe drank
When adjusted for body weight
SC21011.01Parallel StructureThe prime lending rate is a key rate in the economy
SC77561.01ComparisonsBecause 70 percent of the people of India use wood as their sole fuel
Chinese public buildings erected under a construction code of the Sung dynasty
SC27561.01DictionIndoor air pollution can threaten
SC12811.01Adjectives and AdverbsCarbon-14 dating reveals that the megalithic monuments in Brittany are nearly 2,000 years
SC29561.01DictionA study of children of divorced parents found that ten years after the parents’ divorce
SC75561.01Adjectives and AdverbsMany states, in search of industries that are clean, fast-growing, and pay
SC28561.01IdiomsSome historians of science have argued that science moves forward not so much because of the insights
SC49561.01DictionWhen Medicare was enacted in 1965, it was aimed at the prevention of a catastrophic
When bitter managerial conflicts plague
SC34561.01IdiomsSophisticated laser-guided land graders can now flatten uneven farmland
SC46561.01ModifiersRejecting its argument that the Masters Dog Training Club’s primary aim was to teach people to train dogs
One analyst of the liquor industry estimated that this year a few liquor stores
The spraying of pesticides can be carefully planned, but accidents, weather