A little bit from (and about) some of my students

Think GMAT, Think Anish! These words quite perfectly capture my gratitude for the man who made it possible for me to not only get through the test but also the life that follows. The best part about working with Anish is he treats the GMAT the way it deserves to be – as a test, means to an end. The sessions with Anish prepare you for life, not just the GMAT. The way you think about written English, spoken English, changes because of the things you learn with Anish. I went up to high 40’s in my test and I owe every bit of it to him. Thank you for being there. I am glad that now you have more time to help people like me who need to do more in less time.

Lavina came from a medical background. She was well-read and fluent in English. Yet, she had been struggling with GMAT verbal for over an year. She was a dedicated and a hardworking student, and we had a great time working together. I think more than anything else, we were able to build that confidence in her that she could do it. 

Hi Anish - thank you for making the GMAT verbal prep so easy. Ever since we have started our sessions, I don’t feel the invisible 100 pound rock of stress siting on my head anymore. I owe you every bit of the positivity and confidence that I have regained after my GMAT fiasco.

- An unsolicited WhatsApp message from her
More than a teacher, Anish has been a mentor and a guide. While explaining concepts, he goes into depth. He does not have the “one size fits all” approach. He first evaluates the student and then formulates a strategy which can best benefit the student. I was initially hesitant about online sessions, but decided to explore the possibility. After one session it was clear to me that a session with him was far more beneficial than simple classroom study .For starters, you can record the session and revisit it at your convenience. In the end, it all boils down to the personal interest the tutor takes and the methodology adopted by him. I have greatly benefited from his Online lectures and I would strongly recommend him to students who want to crack GMAT.

It was a a great exponential-curve ride with Rinki. We started at a stage where her reasoning for even some of the easiest CR questions and understanding of some even slightly complex passages was not on point – thanks in part to the coaching classes she had taken before. After working together for a while, we reached a stage at which she could handle the toughest questions with confidence. She became like one of those boxing opponents who keeps asking to get punched even harder. “Sir, this one wasn’t that tough, let’s try an even tougher question” was something I got quite used to her saying on many 700-level questions.

It was a pleasure to work with Anish. He is fantastic and adopts a very pragmatic approach.

Deep became my student while he was the MD of SAP India – by far the most senior professional I have taught. I’ll admit, I was initially unsure of how to teach someone so accomplished. 

Deep intended to appear for Executive Assessment (a test by GMAC, the makers of GMAT, for experienced professions. Identical format, fewer questions). I think my experience with him taught me more than I could teach him. For one, I learnt that punctuality meant being logged in 2-3 minutes before the start time – every single time. It was a unique experience for me since I had never taught someone with as many years of experience. I learned more about how to relate learnings with the real world to get across to someone who had not been involved with formal education for such an extended duration.

Anish sir has excellent approach in planning & teaching topics that are most necessary not only to ace the GMAT exam but also to target a very high score. What I found really useful in the course is the way the topics are structured, he really helps to build the concepts from scratch & makes sure there is no gap in understanding the topics.

Akshay has been another dedicated student who is experiencing significant improvement in his skills. (He has taken a “sabbatical” because of work, and will resume sessions in a while.) His pickup has been phenomenal from the first day. I think this has been because of two reasons. He asks questions repeatedly until he understands what’s being discussed. We have had sessions in which we worked on just one official question. And those were some of the most enriching sessions. Second reason: he started his GMAT prep with me. I do not mean to be pompous here. I simply mean we did not need to spend time and effort to ‘unlearn’ random hacks that many coaching institutes teach. (e.g. options with the words ‘being’ or ‘having’ are incorrect in SC; in an inference CR question an option with absolute wording – cannot, never, always, etc – is wrong).

I joined Anish sir for CR and RC prep in GMAT. After joining him, my understanding improved significantly in these two areas. My confidence level has gone up more than ever before. My accuracy in both these areas has increased significantly as well. I am able to recognize patterns that come in GMAT. I found his approach to teaching very helpful. If anybody wants to improve his or her GMAT score then I would strongly recommend Anish sir. He is the best tutor to approach.

Kuldeep came to me with a very specific objective. He felt fairly confident in Quant and SC. He did not have a grip on RC and CR. A limited budget meant we could only do very limited sessions together. Within those limited sessions we worked towards understanding how to learn, establishing the right mindset, and following a structured approach for RC and CR. He worked very methodically. Took breaks between sessions to revise and practice. Within five sessions, through his systematic approach, he saw a marked improvement in his grasp of RC and CR.

I had an absolutely amazing time studying with Anish Sir! He truly cleared all my concepts, and made GMAT a lot less stressful.

Shagun is a very energetic person. I think more than GMAT skills, I had to teach her how to take 1-on-1 sessions :). I had to push her to ask questions and not take my word for anything. She picked up what I meant in very little time, and we had a great learning experience together.

Happy teachers day sir! Thank you for being one of the best tutors, ever!

- One of my favourite messages from a student
Had a great time studying with Anish Sir. I took a session of RC and Observed positive results right away. He will always push you to the extreme while focusing on the finer details. He is very helpful in terms of other topics as well so you can approach him for your doubts freely. Also, he will keep you posted with smaller bites and random questions to test your approach and improve it. Would totally recommend him if you want to have a customised but best prep.

Adarsh was a unique experience. He “disappeared” after taking just one session with me. Not because he did not improve, but because after our session he understood exactly where he was going wrong and what he needed to do to improve. 

Anish sir is a great teacher. Extremely well read, with loads of experience, he makes sure his classes are never dull. I associated with him for a short period, precisely, 7 weeks before my GMAT and I was quite satisfied with the classes and my score I achieved in that time, thanks to him. I think, working smart than working hard is his motto, because his years of experience in teaching GMAT shows in his style of teaching. You just follow what he tells you, follow the pointers he gives you in his PPTs, which are really precise and to the point, and you can sail through the GMAT quite easily. 🙂
I have had the privilege to study from Anish Sir, during my GMAT preparation days. I attended the demo class of “Critical reasoning” by him and after the class without a second thought, got myself enrolled. He is well versed with the concepts and that too in a way that he will not make you mug or memorize things, but will make sure you understand things with loads of live examples that you would never forget. His style of teaching reflects his sense of involvement as he starts the class interacting with everyone making you comfortable with him and others so there is no boredom in the class. When you study something different, you will have plenty of doubts which you would like to be addressed individually. This is exactly what he does, he never steps back from helping you. I remember once after taking my first mock, I was quite tensed and thinking that GMAT is not my cup of tea, but after talking to him, the way he counselled me, he ignited the fire again in me. In nutshell, he is not only a good teacher, but he is also an amazing mentor.
Anish sir conducts any classroom session by giving a 360 degree view for the particular topic - question types, strategies, time allotment per question, evaluation pattern - helping to form the right framework for starting any section. Starts from basics and by the end of the class touches 700+ level questions. The timing of his humour during the intense classroom sessions lightens the mood.
Ramika Batra
Ancient Indian History student
I have had the privilege to study from Anish sir. He is a teacher who keeps it simple and to the point. He has an excellent knowledge about GMAT. I associated with him for a short duration of 3 months and in that period my verbal concepts and knowledge really flourished. He has those precise and to the point PPTs which if we'll study will help clear GMAT verbal easily. This shows his years of experience and expertise in this particular field of study. We just have to follow what he says and our path towards GMAT would be smooth sail.
Sankalp Bhatnagar

Feedback from some of my Workshop students

You are the best GMAT Tutor available in India. I can say this with confidence. The way you generate interest in your students for solving difficult questions, makes them ultra easy to understand, and it really helps. In fact, i am feeling more confident after having classes with you. My way of thinking and solving CR and RC has totally changed. I am blessed to have you as my teacher and if I had come across you 3 years back, i would be definitely in a B-school by now. After struggling with GMAT in 2017 i quit it ,because nothing was helping me and I changed a couple of Gmat tutors but no one guided me to work on foundation the way you did. They were techniques centric. No teacher I have ever across teaches with such patience (even after asking same thing multiple times). It all becomes fun in the end. Thank you for being there 🙂
Prashant Kumar (GMAT Intensive student)
Anish, is the best trainer I came across. Genuinely, he gave his best and actually one should train anyone this way only. You ‘taught us to fish’ rather than spoon feeding.
Mayank Tiwari
The way Anish helped me in looking at deeper aspects of GMAT, that its not just formulas but through logic.I was able to under that this test requires patience and clarity in questions rather than quantity of questions.
I have really experienced changes in the preparation. Very informative sessions and articulation is also very good.
Rabhdeep Singh
nikhil's email screenshot

In this mad world of GMAT coaching, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, as there are innumerable choices and digital overload of high promises and grim realities. I had once read “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”, Not sure if I am still ready but found the right Mentor who can guide me through this Journey of demystifying GMAT. Anish is like the “MASTER YODA”, who tears through the Depths of reasoning by structured thinking “leading” to the answer instead of giving the hacks to solve a problem.

No great monument can be erected on a shaky foundation, It’s ironical that most of us don’t even know that we may be standing on shaky ground as we continue to look for hacks and techniques to ace this mischievous exam.

Anish has an unconventional way of teaching, he leads you to do question everything in a Verbal or a Quant Passage/Problem, and doesn’t give you the answer but leads you to the answer in a structured manner(Ask WHY’, HOW’S, WHAT’S and more). It’s quite mental fatigue at times when the old brain muscles are suddenly forced to use more logic & deduction than ever before. 

He transforms your way of thinking from finding just answers from given options to logically deducing and even predicting correct options by finding flaws and shortcomings in the arguments itself.

Usually, I find that CR/RC is boring but after attending a few sessions with him, verbal is much more interesting than ever before. Now I am not driven by fear but the anticipation & excitement of new learning.

His clarity of thoughts and concepts are amazing. His approach towards the RIGHT MINDSET will not only help me to ace GMAT but in day to day life as well. Thank you Anish from the bottom of my heart for I am really enjoying this transformation (Step by step), you are not only a great teacher but a great mentor as well.

– Nikhil
The workshop was very helpful for me,so as to get an idea of the GMAT. You have excellently explained and helped us with all the topics whether be it Verbal or Quant. I really appreciate the way you have helped us look thoroughly through each and every problem. This has changed my view of solving the problems and helped me a lot. Thanks a lot and I wish to get more of your guidance in future.
Vaasavi Singh
Anish's GMAT workshop has helped me understand the intricacies of the exam and has given me much needed clarity on how to approach the exam. He ensures that the focus remains on building and understanding concepts which has helped lay a strong foundation for my prep. Many of the concepts that were covered were those which are mostly overlooked and rarely found in books and study material. I am now able to approach questions with a structured approach which helps attempt the question with greater conviction and confidence
Pranav Koshal
This workshop changes the mindset and strategy to tackle GMAT.
Rakibul Hassan
I got to know that GMAT is not rocket science.
I have really experienced changes in the preparation. Very informative sessions and articulation is also very good.
Rabhdeep Singh
I would like to thank Anish for the valuable GMAT lessons provided at no cost via Zoom. Students were rather requested to donate to their local organisation fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The classes were very structured, yet he was flexible to ensure no student was left behind, often repeating a lesson so that all understood. Before attending his classes I was in the habit of reading a question to respond, he has taught me the art of deconstructing the question, analysing it, understanding what is given, simplify it, then answer the question. Anish is extremely knowledgeable regarding the GMAT and the different components, thus able to equip you with the different tactics required to answer a question, because of his wealth of experience he intuitively identifies students’ gaps and methodically closes it. He engages each student at their required level ensuring that they are confident and equipped to do well with the examinations. Whether you are starting the GMAT journey or looking at improving your score to the 700 range, I would definitely recommend Anish. Thanks, Anish, for shedding light on my GMAT journey. All the best with your future endeavours. PS.I enjoyed the harmonica during the breaks. 😊
Emmanuel Naidoo
In my opinion, Anish is a highly professional and structured GMAT coach. I attended the 2-week intensive GMAT online workshop with him. He is very good at explaining in detail the structured methods for solving different parts of the GMAT exam such as RC, DS and SC. Anish is a supportive and patient coach that offers good advice and the key to success for this type of examination. In addition, after finishing this workshop with him, I gained more confidence in achieving my target score. His teaching method is understandable and based on a logical approach followed with real life examples and practical analogies. I would highly recommend Anish to anyone who has undertaken the challenging journey towards GMAT.
Kristjana Papajani
I am thankful that I came across Anish Sir’s profile and got the opportunity to learn under his guidance. He has exceptional expertise in coaching and motivating his students. His enthusiasm and dedication to engage students in a session is great. GMAT is an exam that tests your skills which,I feel, often take time to build. However, his approach makes us realize that this skill can also come naturally to us if we follow simple things. His ability to goes extra mile to help us understand is also very remarkable. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best choices I have made to get mentored by him.
Ramneek Kaur
"Practice makes a man perfect ". Indeed, but can the practice be improved? Sure thing! Anish makes that happen. I was part of the 15 day workshop (verbal and quant) that Anish conducted. It helped me a lot in every aspect of my preparation. Articulation was quite good. I found all the sessions very informative. I really liked how he made us devote enough time on words that we often tend to overlook. I really appreciate his efforts and time. Thank you Anish!!
Rabhdeep Singh

A participant’s comment in the end of ‘GMAT: a test of skills” 2 days workshop.