The right way to prepare for the GMAT

And yes, there is a right way.

I became a full-time GMAT coach for one simple reason – I felt that most test takers were preparing for the GMAT the wrong way. And most test prep companies and coaches were actually complicating the problem instead of trying to solve it.

If I were to ask you what characteristics do you believe are needed to do well in a business school, and pursue a management career, what would you list down?

If you were a part of an admissions committee for a business school, wouldn’t you create the admissions process in a manner that evaluates those attributes?

So, I submit to you that the GMAT is specifically designed to evaluate your ability to succeed in business school. GMAT is not a test of math and English. GMAT uses these subjects to test the skills that are required to do well in business school.

Yet, I find most test takers do not focus on trying to build the skills that are tested, and instead spend their time trying to learn tricks and hacks to get to the correct answers. In other words, they prepare to try to beat the test.

Well it might work, but to what end? If we do not develop the skills that the test is designed to evaluate, that the business schools would demand of us, we will get stuck eventually.